About Pre-Primary School

PADMASHALI YUVAK SANGH PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL was established in the year 1995 and managed by Trust of Padmashali Yuvak Sangh. The education imparted, aims at promoting an all round development of the child's personality in an ambiance of Indian culture. The thrust is focused on "Child Centered Education"

The Academic year commences in June and ends in April. It comprises of two terms i.e. from June to October and November to April. The course of studies is as per the syllabus of the Dept. of Education of the State of Maharashtra.

Padmashali Yuvak Sangh Pre-Primary School is a good platform for ourStudents to know and understand their likings and interest in other activitiesDrawing, Sports, Craft etc.. Different types of activities make the Children multi talented. From last two years the school is under CCTV Surveillance.

The most important part of the entire year is our A.V.Class. We hadintroduced E-learning class from last three years. We had launched this conceptfor Pre-Primary School which increase a child's mental abilities to understandthings faster. It is said that the brain grasps 50% faster with supportof visual ads. It is easy way for child's mental growth we are proud to do it.

We celebrate all the important function including Independence day, Republic day, Raksha Bandan, Teacher's day, Children's day, Christmas, Diwali and New year, Dindi and all our Indian festivals and of course students birthdaysalso.

The students participated in various Competition such as Drawing competition,Singing competition and Handwriting competition, Fancy dress competitionand Craft competition and many other such competition held for over all child development.

Students participate in drawing competition in the school itself and also competition organized by our Sangh for other students on dated 12th Aug. 2015and No. of prizes 8 are given to Students.

Singing, Handwriting and craft competition and many more such competitionheld for overall child development. This year we organized on 18th December2015 and gave away total No. of Prizes 14 were given.

We have seen creativity, efforts and commitment from all the students andtheir parents. And really we are always thankful to the parents who really tookinterest and worked hard for the children to participate and main point of childrenwho really perform themselves on the stage. This year we conducted Fancy dresscompetition on 27th Feb. 2016.

We organized sessions for student on various topic like soft skill, socialresponsibility, leadership skills and self development.

Every year we are taking children for Picnic this year students visitedFISH AQUARIUM and NEHRU PLANETORIUM on 06.02.2016 to enjoyand also learn while having fun.

Sports is a good form of exercise which can keep children's body fit andhealthy. It also helps in Mental growth. So we organized sports day in theschool premises on 11th Dec. 2015. We organized different games and gaveaway No of Prizes 72 given.

The school organizes various functions and events and from lasttwo years the Parents have also participated in this Annual function.

In this parents and all guests always enthusiastic to participate ando-operate with us. The great success of our school functions is the resultof their encouragement, participation.


  • To promote, maintain and develop opportunities for meetings and contacts between parents and teachers and among parents themselves.
  • To establish a channel of communication and exchanged of viewpoints of both parents and teachers on matters concerning the education and development of the students.
  • To Improve and develop better facilities for students. To organize debates, seminars, group discussions and symposiums on topics connected with the education and development of the children.
  • To organize functions and get-together of parents, teachers, and students. To celebrate various Indian festivals and other occasions with a view to imbibe and promote Indian culture and tradition amongst the students.
  • To establish and maintain funds for awarding scholarships and prizes etc. to deserving students of the school.
  • To co-operate with organizations having similar objectives.
  • To take, in general, such steps as may be incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objectives.
  • To undertake such activities as may be appropriate for encouraging students to achieve excellence in the field of education, sports, social services, etc and also organize function / events to felicitate the students for their achievements.
  • To provide financial assistance to deserving educational institutions for establishing new facilities or upgrading the existing ones.
  • Parents and teachers together play a very important role in shaping the students into good human beings. Therefore, the school accepts whole hearted co-operation from the parents.

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